09.14.13 Happy Birthday

So, I recently celebrated my birthday.  We had a great day outside Geocaching.  If you haven’t heard of geocaching, you are missing out!  By my definition, geocaching is present-day treasure hunting (for some reason I always think of Peter Pan).  By taking my children geocaching, I feel I am teaching them that there is magic and wonder all over the world, and if you only take the moment to look you can find something extraordinary.  I’ll have to share a post about geocaching one day, but I digress.  We went geocaching, then we went to my personal favourite restaurant in WinnipegBaked Expectations.  (I’ll have to share a post about Baked Expectations, too!)  After our scrumptious feast, we headed home.  During the drive we ended up on the not-uncommon topic of “so…whaddya want to do tonight?”  We discussed various options, but for some reason my kids indulged me.  I wanted my very own Fall Family Photography session.  Lucky me, that is exactly what I got!