09.28.13 Madison’s Baptism

A few weeks ago, I was invited to photograph Baby Madison’s baptism at St. Theresa’s Roman Catholic Church, just outside of Winnipeg.  It may have been a dark, rainy day outside but eight month old Madison brought the sunshine inside!  I don’t think she shed a tear until the very end and I’m certain she was just trying to tell everyone the event was over.


Thanks to Father Michael, the ceremony was full of heart, tears and laughter.  Personally, I really appreciated that he took the time to involve the children and teach them about what was happening and why.

I feel so honoured that I was able to attend this special ceremony.  Congratulations Madison!


One thought on “09.28.13 Madison’s Baptism

  1. Brilliant images. Some of your best work to date. Beautiful composition!
    Well done,
    Wendy and Bert

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