09.30.13 The Goods

So, in a round-a-bout way I’ve known Mary-Ann for years, but THIS particular year her son happened to be on my son’s soccer team.  Lucky me!  Mary-Ann is gorgeous, and she’s passed those genes down to her son and daughter.  When she asked if I’d be interested in photographing her children this fall, I jumped at the chance.  She wanted to take some informal photographs outside in her yard (which is also gorgeous!) and with the leaves beginning to change, it was a great decision.  I have to admit, I was also quite excited to meet Annie!

Annie the 200 lb St. Bernard.  (Check her out, she’s gorgeous, too!)

I love how I can arrive on location, get set up and start photographing shy, apprehensive children but as the session progresses I make my way through the awkwardness to the genuine personalities of the children I shoot.  Not necessarily cheese-smiling, either – although I do love a genuine grin!  But I think I love a peaceful moment just as much.


your thoughts?

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