Project 365 | Week 1

Ok, I lied.  I cannot begin 2014 before I finish 2013, so here goes:

I was sitting in the darkness snuggled beneath one of my many cozy throw blankets with my laptop casting a dull glow around the room when suddenly I jumped at the sound of the phone ringing.  My heart beat quickly as I awaited the familiar voice at the other end…”It’s a girl!” exclaimed my mother-in-law.  “Kennedy Blake Fuerst!  Six pounds eight ounces, same as her big brother Grayson.  She was born just a few minutes ago.  Mom and baby are doing great.”  I could hear the smile in her voice.  After I hung up the phone I took a moment to appreciate my new niece’s arrival.  December 31, 1:37 am.  Not a bad way to end 2013 if I do say so myself!


Two years ago I began my first 365 project as a way to document the small changes that happen when we’re not really looking.  Like when, all of a sudden, you stop dead on a Sunday morning, turn your daughter around, gently stretching her hair down her back, exclaiming, “Wow.  Your hair is so long!  When did that happen?” I’ve been amazed at how much my children change from month to month.  Sadly, I’m not sure I’d notice as often as I do if I wasn’t taking a moment each day to photograph our lives.  *This* year my project is more dear to me than ever before because my parents recently made a major announcement.  (It’s all good news.  Promise.)  But that’s week 3’s story.  Today I’m focused on week 1 of 52.

365 Ver 1.0

My first 365 didn’t last long at all.  By February I’d already lost the drive and organization necessary to see such a profound project (well, profound in my life) through.  Sure, I continued to occasionally snap a few shots here and there, but that ship had sailed.  The fat lady sang.  That bird had flown.

365 Ver 2.0

2013 began so much more smoothly!  I missed a day here and there, but come September I was still going strong…until my kids’ activities started up in October.  Darn it!  So close…

365 Ver 3.0

So here I sit, computer in my lap while a random tv shows play in the background to keep me company.  The photo part is easy (relatively speaking) but the writing…well I haven’t put quite so much effort into my writing skills over the years!

And on that note, I think it’s time to share my week 1.  *Make sure you check back next Sunday for week 2!


2 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 1

  1. Awww thanks! I wanted to keep up with the “Kid of the Day” project I started years ago, but not bother people who don’t want to see my pics day after day. I need to get some pics of you two and the grandkids next, though!

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