Project 365 | Week 3

19 days and counting.  This is week 3 of my 365 project and I feel very proud that I haven’t missed a single day so far.  (Although to be honest I have been close a couple of times!)  So far 19 days, 19 shots.  This week was….busy.  But that’s not different from any other week around here.

Monday:  I took my Little One to the rink for her skating lessons.  She is currently a spiral-a-holic.

Tuesday:  Little One helped me set up for a newborn session.  She was having a little fun in front of the backdrop here.

Wednesday:  Was another snow day!  We have had the strangest weather this year.  Environment Canada’s website told us on Wednesday that temperatures were supposed to rise to +2 degrees Celcius (from -16), then we were supposed to have an afternoon thundershower and then temperatures were to drop back down to -19 for the night, all the while blizzarding.  Thankfully we did not get the thundershower, but the blizzard kept many home from school and work.  Here are the monsters enjoying the day off school.  Please take note that the fence pictured is 6′ high and the snowdrift now allows small children to easily visit with their neighbour friends.

Thursday:  My newborn session was postponed due to the weather, so Little One was enjoying the set (but was not prepared to have her photo taken).  (Which explains the quick getaway she’s unsuccessfully making!)

Friday:  With company coming, the monsters were forced to sleep in the same room – top bunk, bottom bunk.  Before bed, The Boy offered to read a little Diary of a Wimpy Kid to Little One.  Looks like she’s enjoying it!

Saturday:  The Boy had a hockey game on Saturday afternoon, which was attended by many of the people he knows and loves.  He played so well, too.  Here is an action shot of our #21.

Sunday:  The Boy got to stand in for “big brother” during the re-scheduled newborn photo shoot.


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