Project 365 | Week 5

Wow!  I can’t believe January has passed and we’re now into February.  Weather-wise nothing has changed.  It’s still cold and snowy here.

This is what my week consisted of:

Lots of studying!  But, with the cold weather, I’m glad I can curl up with a hot cup of tea, a snuggly blanket and a book or two.  It’s really the best way to pass a cold day – although a warm from the oven cookie would be nice, too!

The rest of my family had an equally bland week, although we have begun walking home from school again (it’s about a mile from our house to the school).  The kids need the fresh air!  It’s been weeks since the elementary school children have been allowed outside for recess because of the extremely cold temperatures we’ve experienced this winter.  However, since we’re a family that has survived life “in the north”, we are experts at dressing for the cold.  Here is a picture of my little one who had just arrived home from school on Tuesday.  Notice that only a tiny slit of her face is exposed to the elements.  She was warm and toasty when we were finally able to remove all the winter-wear.

Winnipeg Children's PhotographerBelow is our week in pictures.  Monday school was cancelled – due to the cold.  My little one made toast all by herself for the first time!  Tuesday the kids walked home from school.  Wednesday I forgot to take a picture earlier in the day…so you get to see all my school books instead. 🙂  Thursday we took more cold-weather wear pictures after the walk home from school.  Friday my ‘littles’ snuggled deep under the covers of my bed (notice Pikachu all cuddled up, too).  And Saturday my boy wanted to show off one of the many “Yoshis” he has built with his legos.

Hopefully this week the weather begins to *finally* warm up a bit.  Our local groundhog, Manitoba Merv, predicted an early spring and I have my fingers crossed that his prediction is correct.  I love my winter, but I think I’m ready for the thaw.  Have a great week!


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