Project 365 | Week 7

Stonewall Food Photographer

With only three of us in the house this week, our pace was both slower and —>FASTER.  In the past I’ve always looked forward to time alone with the kids, but…then again the last time I was alone with the kids and working on my own school stuff  was probably four years ago aaaand things have changed.  We have two kids in school full time now.  That means forms and agendas to review and fill out, homework, lunches,  extra-curricular activities, etc.

When I found out I’d be on my own, I thought back to the good old days.

The pros:

  • Cooking less complicated meals,
  • One less person to clean up after,
  • Quiet evenings to catch up on schoolwork or awful tv shows.
  • Special mommy time – we’d make crafts, bake, play games, etc.

However, this week I was awakened to many of the cons associated with being on my own with two school-aged kids:

  • The parent to child ratio is low – two on one is tough!  I listened to far too much whining, babbling and complaining.  I had to send children to opposite ends of the house daily, to repeat myself twice as often as usual, I’m certain.
  • Two sets of homework, then dinner, and bedtime stories = a mom too tired to do her own homework.
  • I have no idea how to run the snow blower!
  • You are never prepared for the trips to the emergency room –  not when you’re two parents and NOT when you’re on your own!

We survived the week and even managed to steal a few moments together all snuggled up reading bedtime stories.  I learned how much more organized I need to be the next time I’m on my own.  I was also reminded why living in a small town can be wonderful, and I’m thankful that we live in a great one where people want to help each other.  But most of all, I’m glad order has been restored and we can all get back to the roles we’re accustomed to playing.


your thoughts?

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