Project 365 | Week 8

This week marked an important milestone in the Little One’s life.  She finally lost her first tooth!  Unfortunately for her, the only proof she had was the gaping hole in her mouth.  She swallowed her tooth along with the mouthful of granola bar she had been chewing at the time!  Fortunately, the Tooth Fairy accepted her handwritten apology in lieu of the tooth!

But, the tooth loss wasn’t the only big first this week!  Little One also enjoyed her first fried chicken AND her first trip to Festival du Voyageur!

You might notice that one of the pictures from this week doesn’t quite belong… 🙂 I had my first little Ages & Stages baby over again this week for his 9 month (9 month!!) photo shoot.  You’ll get to see more from that session in about a week.

Another whirlwind week in the books!  This past weekend marked the end of the Big Kid’s Novice hockey career with a Saturday full of playoff hockey.  Those boys played their hearts out – it was their gold medal Olympic series.  Sadly they were unable to beat the team that eventually went home with the pennant (congratulations to Gimli Major), but they boys had a fabulous end to a wonderful season with two wins and only one loss.  I honestly can’t believe the hockey season is over already!


One thought on “Project 365 | Week 8

  1. This is a fabulous project you have undertaken Leigh. Your Mom and Dad won’t miss a thing!! Also a family log for 2014–what could be better and you can imagine the laughs you will have down the road.

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