Project 365 | Week 9

Stonewall Lifestyle PhotographerBalance.

I haven’t found it, but I’d like to.  This week I was told my time management skills are in need of some polishing.  I don’t disagree.  I am aware that I work toeing the deadline – fine, I procrasinate – and it doesn’t make life easy.  I’ve realized that I’d like a little more easy, so this week I think I’ll make a plan.  I’ll keep you updated…if you cross your fingers for me! 🙂

Unbalanced life aside, things are beginning to fall into a rhythm again.  Hockey is nearly finished for the season, CanSkate is winding up this week, and my big girl skaters only have a few weeks left, too.  I’m finally getting caught up with my schoolwork.  Oh, and we’ve been purging our house of all things extraneous, too.  I do love a good spring cleaning!

Speaking of spring…we’re not getting one this year.  It seems we’re going to live in arctic temperatures for the remainder of the winter/spring and I’m o.k. with it, honestly I am.  I will continue to don ski pants and toque with all my northern Canadian pride.  I am pretty sure I’m the last person in Manitoba who is still enjoying winter.  This week we experienced some more super, duper cold temperatures.  School was cancelled one day because of the weather…again.  We stayed inside most of the week, but the kids walked home from school a couple of times.  March has arrived in grand “in like a lion” style, so I’m betting “out like a lamb” will soon follow.  If you’re looking for alternatives, however, I have it on good authority that Saudi Arabia is nice this time of year.

In the spirit of time-management, I have compiled a short list which outlines some of the activities I plan to make happen in the near future:

  • I want to go for tea with my little girl.
  • I want to take my boy skating.
  • I want a date night.  (I barely remember my husband’s name these days!)
  • Speaking of dates, I want to make one with my treadmill.  Because I killed it last spring (literally), and I miss the beast.
  • I want to go for a walk with my girlfriends.
  • I want to drive to Cartwright and visit my Grandpa and my Aunt and my Uncle.
  • I want to hop in the car and roadtrip.  For hours.  I’ll take my camera.  I miss that.
  • I want to bake.  Do crafts.
  • I want to clean.  I want to organize.

And I feel it all coming.  It’s on the horizon.  Soon….

I’m getting out the calendar.


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