Project 365 | Week 10

Because I have a few heavy deadlines this week AND because my camera battery is dead and charging, Project 365 | Week 10 will be published Wednesday morning, instead of Monday.  If you’ve been excitedly awaiting this instalment, I am both sorry to keep you waiting and happy that you look forward catching up week after week. 🙂

See you soon…..


In like a lion, hey?  We still have banks and banks of snow here and it’s not going to melt any time soon!  Last year at this time….well it was storming then, too.  Check it out, 2013:

This year is no different (except that I think we have double the amount of snow).  Lately, we have been enjoying indoor crafts.  It seems like every kid I know is making elastic band bracelets these days and I’m glad to hear that our local elementary school is using this fad to help our sister school in Cameroon, Africa.  I can’t get over how skilled our little kids are at making different patterns and different styles of bracelets.  (If you want to see a sampling of these bracelets, check out the 8 year old in week 11’s post).  In addition to the elastic band bracelets, we’ve been trying our hand at a paper bracelet craft and don’t get me started on the snowflake craze!  We have had hundreds of paper snowflakes littering the house right now!


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