Project 365 | Week 12

The week of March 16 – 22 was a busy one!

We have always dreamed of building a house.  So far, we had invested a lot of time into the various planning stages:  sifting through house plans, looking at various lots, weighing the pros and cons of living in town over in the country.  This week marked a new stage in the process:  we put our house up for sale.  The first showings were to happen on Sunday, March 23 – which meant this week would be a busy week of frantic housecleaning and organizing….and packing!

For some crazy reason we also decided it would be the perfect time to skip town and hop a plane to Honolulu, Hawaii.  (To be honest, ANY time is the perfect time to hop a plane to Honolulu!)  So, our flight was booked for March 23, as well.  Despite all the preparations we still had a few moments to enjoy “the week before”.

This week:

Cameron is 6 years old.  She is learning to cut on her own.  The kids still like each other – most of the time.  I’m not quite certain what they were doing on St. Patrick’s Day, but since smiles were involved it doesn’t much matter, does it?  Mid-March continued our epic winter with more storms, but temperatures rose enough that the children were able to really get out and enjoy the snow (although snow down the neck is chilly no matter the temperature outdoors!)  Speaking of outdoors, you can see a shot of our future home.  At that point in time we were beginning to think we’d have to just dig a quinzhee and live in the snow!  Cameron got caught sneaking leftover Easter treats, which is to be expected when they’re in plain sight.  And finally, I grabbed a shot of the kids the night before we left on our Hawaiian adventure.


your thoughts?

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