Project 365 | Week 14



Hawaii week 2 was just as incredible as week 1.  Warm weather, beautiful land and seascapes.  I will shamefully shamelessly admit that I tried to convince my dh to check into the job prospects in Honolulu….but then we looked into the housing market and decided we’d leave Hawaii our vacation destination.

This week we visited the Honolulu Aquarium where I fell in love with jellyfish.  As long as they are contained I can appreciate their beauty.  The morning my oldest and I decided to take an early walk on the beach and discovered a multitude of beached jellyfish….I didn’t appreciate them quite so much.

We got up super-early one morning to hike the extinct volcano, Diamondhead.  Both dh and I were so proud of the little one for making the round trip sans complaint.  When we reached the bottom we all enjoyed our inaugural “shave ice”.

Our favourite restaurant was Duke’s, an open-air restaurant that invites people to walk-up after spending the day on the beach surfing.  (There was even a little water tap to rinse the sand off your feet!)  It was during our dinner at Duke’s that we got to enjoy a gorgeous sunset on the beach.

This week we also took in the Polynesian Cultural Center, where we learned so much about the history of Hawaii and the Polynesian culture.  Little one got to see a real hula dancer and the big kid learned to throw a spear!  After the Polynesian Cultural Center we enjoyed a real Hawaiian dinner….at McDonald’s.  We stopped at every beautiful “scenic stop” we encountered both on the drive north and then back to the south shore.  We all fell in love with the beaches – not all for the same reasons, though.  Dh loved playing in the water, as did his son!  The little one loved playing in the sand and the waves that lapped at her feet, and me?  I loved the roar of the waves hitting the shore and how each wave could be a different shade of blue or grey, depending on the depth of the water or the way the sunlight was hitting the water.

Note the road sign picture.  We’re from Manitoba….a prairie province in Canada.  Pretty much north, south, east and west you’ll find level ground.  Since we don’t have mountains we had no idea what to make of the warning sign.  In fact, we giggled every time we drove by one of those signs….until we realized it’s a mountain safety thing.

I love so many photographs from our trip, I’m having a really hard time deciding which ones to share!  Week 15, the last installment of my Hawaii series, will be up soon!





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