Project 365 | Week 18

Well, Mother’s Day happened.  Every year Mother’s Day rolls around and something happens to put a damper on the day…but not this year.  This year the entire day was perfection, from the sweet, thoughtful gifts the two rugrats made for me to the afternoon spent rollerblading in our local arena.  Then, I let someone else hold the camera and magic happened!  Two children cooperated and I was gifted with some wonderful photographs that I’ll treasure for years. No, I can’t take the credit for these three photos.  They’re thanks to my sweet husband. ❤  Best. Mother’s Day. Ever.


The rest of the week held a 9th birthday party (street hockey party…you can tell by the colour of his face that he was working for the goals!) (and thanks to pinterest for the cake inspiration…not my  best execution, but the boys all gobbled it up!), an impromptu and short-lived snowstorm, a sweet squirrel, and a little pinkie in her housecoat.  Finally, I had a 1 year old session and the Little one wanted to be a helper.  I think she did a fabulous job posing in front of my new backdrop!




your thoughts?

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