Project 365 | Week 19

So, a few weeks back I shared that we had put our house up for sale, and then that it had sold.  I also shared that we bought some land that we’re anxious to start digging into.  Well, the next step is to pack up our entire house and put it into storage.  Part of that process is deciding what gets to stay and what has to go.  We’ve successfully packed (only) three rooms so far and with three weeks remaining until the big move we have a mountain to climb yet!  Let the purging begin!

Recently my Little one learned to climb the tree that’s out in front of our current home.  The kids have both expressed disappointment that we’ll be leaving this yard, and I understand their reluctance to move.  This spot has mature trees, a boys’ heaven behind the garage (AKA: the fort) and the most wonderful neighbours we could ever ask for.  Thank goodness we’re only moving a few blocks away!

Soccer is going well for the 9 year old team.  The boys have learned so much from coach Kelly and his co-coach, Chris, since the beginning of the season.  As you can see in the photo, the Big one is very serious on the field.

Other news from this week:  THAT is the view I get when my little hugs me.  We are finally getting outside and enjoying the Manitoba spring weather (shine AND rain).  I pulled out the reflector and gave it a bit of a workout one evening with the Big kid on a back road.  The little one gave Saige a bed fit for a queen.  I played with different lighting in a dark room (yep, still needs some work – and a brighter light!), AND the trees’ buds finally popped in an explosion of colour and fragrance.  Love this time of the year!



One thought on “Project 365 | Week 19

  1. Leigh–Auntie here–This is a fabulous project–very entertaining and the photos are

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