Project 365 | Week 20

The signs of spring have finally arrived: birds’ eggs, flowers buds, and children playing outside.  After one of the coldest winters on record everyone here is more than ready to take advantage of the change in temperature.  Will we get the summer we have earned?  I hope so!

Winnipeg Child PhotographerThe Little One amazed us this week, but I need to backtrack first:  Last year the Little One was showing signs of readiness to graduate from her training wheels to a “two-wheeler”.  So we chose a day, removed the extra two wheels and took her out to a soft, grassy spot.  She doubted our wisdom and doubted her own abilities, causing her first attempt to end in failure.  We put the training wheels back on her bike that night and allowed her to ride the rest of the season in comfort and with the peace of mind she needed.

Fast forward back to this spring:  We watched the Little One riding her four-wheeled bike with increasing confidence each day, so again we chose a day, removed the extra two wheels and took her out to that same soft, grassy spot.  We exchanged the negative words that swirled in her head for words of power, “I can DO this!” and next thing we knew she was doing it!!  We are now the proud parents of a new two-wheeler rider who gains confidence each and every day.

In other news this week:

ipods are great, homework is not.

My husband is fantastic for so many reasons: This week he surprised me with a carton of my favourite brand of  chai tea.

This year we are really enjoying our Big One’s soccer games.  All of the boys on the team have learned so much since the beginning of the season.  It’s amazing to see them working as a team and having fun.

I baked a pavlova and smothered it with lemon curd, whipped cream and berries, and

finally, the purging and packing has begun.  Our move is creeping closer and closer…



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