Project 365 | Week 21

Lucky me!  This week began with the sweetest little handsome guy I’ve met in a long time.  The photo I chose to share here today does nothing to showcase the smiliness he brought with him to the session, so I’ll post more of little J later on this week.

Winnipeg Baby Photographer

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, our lives are revving up.  We have one track and field day, two picnics, a bike rodeo, two field trips, and a spring concert all in the next two weeks.  The first of the multitude of end-of-the-year activities was field day.  This year I volunteered to help out and was chosen to supervise one of the grade 3 and 4 activities.  I’ve been a parent volunteer in past years, but always for the kindergarten to grade 2 portion of activities – never with the big kids.  The older students trek to the high school for their events while the younger children stay to do theirs in the school playground.  I thoroughly enjoyed helping with the grade 3 and 4 field day (especially at the tug-of-war station), and the weather on the day was perfect, but I definitely missed experiencing some fun events that only the youngest elementary students enjoy – like the rubber chicken race and face painting.  The little one came home from school with her face painted like a cat-dog.

Stonewall Child Photographer






















The next picture I have to share is a special one.  After I finished up a session my Little One expressed interest in photographing a “newborn” session of her own.  This photo was taken by the Little One and is a shot of her very precious puppy, Jillian.  She styled and composed the shot, and then clicked the shutter.  I only assisted with the reflector to add in a bit of fill light.

Child Photographer

In other news this week:  we danced, we cheered and the rain began (and hasn’t let up since).  Field day ignited a passion for running in the Big One (yay!) and I experimented with light.  I love how the “fairy wing” shot turned out.




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