Project 365 | Week 24

Before I get started and forget to explain, I want to tell you what is happening in this first photo.  I’m curious how many people have had the pleasure of spraying a liquid substance from their nose.  I had never even witnessed the phenomenon until dinner one evening last week, when the Big One started laughing with a mouth full of milk.  As you can see everyone around the table enjoyed the show very much, however, I will not recommend you “try this at home”.  The Big One said it was not a pleasant sensory experience.

Stonewall Lifestyle PhotographerThis week was all about getting settled.  The weather was nice, so again we took advantage of Morden’s excellent spray park.  We also explored town a bit:

  • I registered the kids to participate in the library’s summer reading program, Camp Eureka.
  • Without the help of the GPS, we found our way across town on bikes, and
  • we found some nice parks (that are apparently helping to breed MORE giant, ravenous mosquitoes)!

Since the kids’ dad has to work overtime this upcoming weekend, I decided to take the littles to visit him in Stonewall during the week.  We made a pit stop in Winnipeg, where we spent some time (and money) in my favourite neighbourhood book store, McNally Robinson, and Toys r’Us.

This week consisted of many day trips to Winnipeg for me.  One of my commutes was for a six-month old baby’s photo session that was to take place at St. Vital Park (stay tuned for my upcoming blog post).  When I arrived I was amazed to see how much damage this summer’s flooding had caused to the park.  The water in the Assiniboine River had been so high that the boat launch area and much of the park were still underwater!  These ducks, on the other hand, are quite enjoying the expanded duck pond real estate!

This week also afforded us the chance to view a spectacular full moon on multiple nights!  I had been in Winnipeg photographing a wedding with a fellow photographer, and during my drive home I had to fight the urge to become mesmerized by the gorgeous moon.  Instead, I decided to pull the car over and take a few moments to admire and photograph the incredible beauty Mother Nature provided.



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