Project 365 | Week 26

Wow!  I can’t believe I’ve made it to the half-way point with my little project!  Granted, the format has evolved from the beginning (because I really cannot commit to taking one photograph every day & when I do take photos, I very rarely take just one) but I’m so happy with the outcome.  I love documenting our little world.  This is a photo-journal, if you will.

Winnipeg PhotographerThis week, I made an early morning trek to Winnipeg for meetings with various vendors who will be working on our new house.  The photo above shows the dew that formed on my car window in the early morning.  It is so beautiful as the sun is rising and the cool, damp air smells divine.  It almost makes me want to get up early every day…

One highlight of our summer in Morden, Manitoba is my parents’ lot which backs onto the creek.  It has afforded us many glimpses of the deer that wander through the area in search of good food (I think maybe they heard about my Mom’s cooking).  Morden also boasts a fantastic fossil museum, the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, where we went to take part in “Bruce’s” big birthday bash.  Bruce the mosasaur turned 80,000,040 years old!  After the birthday party, we headed upstairs in the building and found an indoor play centre, featuring a super-cool climbing wall.  The Little One quite enjoyed ascending via the pebble-like grips (and would you get a look at how long her hair has grown?!?)  Speaking of long hair, this week we also learned that the Big One can put his hair into a ponytail….aaand now please pause while I run him to the salon for a hair chop!

We spent hours outside enjoying the Canadian summer sun this week.  We played retro summer games like hopscotch, we clung tightly as the merry-go-round spun round and round, we ran through the icy-cold sprinkler and we laid in the hot afternoon sun (coated in spf 30, of course!)  When farmers’ market day rolled around again, Nana and Pop treated us to some locally grown carrots – complete with leafy, green tops.  In the picture you can almost hear the little one echoing Buggs Bunny’s famous line, “eeehhh, what’s up doc?”

This week was very special because we celebrated my dear ol’ UG’s 60th birthday on the weekend.  60th!?!!  A bunch of the Mooneys travelled to Badger Creek and did the usual – conversed over scrumptious picnic food!  And as usual we had enough to feed three times the number of people present!  It was wonderful to catch up with everyone, and just as wonderful that the weather was warm and rain-free.  I love that we were able to organize the entire group of people into this configuration in about three minutes flat!

Winnipeg Family Portraiture


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