Project 365 | Week 28


This week while exploring, we got to experience some pretty awesome nature!  The Big One was invited on an impromptu field trip to the booming metropolis of Winkler, so the Little One and I decided to hop on our bikes and head for one of our favourite Morden haunts…the library.  After choosing some new books, we were headed for home when all of a sudden the Little One said, “Look Mom!  There’s a raccoon!”  And sure enough, there was not one, not two, but THREE baby raccoons hanging out in a tree!  And by “hanging”, I mean that one of the babies was sliding fearfully down the bark covered trunk of the tree.  We didn’t want to disturb the babies, so we headed for home.

Later on in the week during one of our fabulous Geocache adventures, while stopped to refuel, we came across this gorgeous little fellow.  He was also filling up his tank that day on his journey to become a monarch butterfly, I’ve been told.  We found him dangling, upside down from a tasty, green leaf and watched him for some time.  Then the Big One decided to flip him upside down for a better look.  He (the monarch caterpillar) got scared and tucked his head under to hide from us.  Too cute!

Also this week…

Swimming lessons wound up and I really must give the Manitou pool, and especially Janine and Caleb, credit for running a phenomenal swimming program.  Janine knew exactly how to get those little Level 1 swimmers excited to be in the water.  Caleb was “all business”, according to the Big One.  Both were so well prepared and devoted to their swimmers that I’m sure the parents were thrilled by the end of the two week session.  What was the big reward for all the swimmers’ hard work?  Access to the super-fun water slides!

We also took in the Morden beach for the first time this week, enjoying some dockside fun in the sun.  Tuckered out, the Littles needed some quiet time to recoup before heading back outside to play.  (Check out my little skateboard pro!  That’s a RipStik skateboard he’s riding, by the way.  I can’t get over his amazing balance!)


Yes, fall is nearly here.  No, I haven’t yet detected the distinct smell I associate with this particular change of season, but I can feel it in the air.  There is a coolness to the breeze.  When I begin to feel the oncoming of fall, I start to think about fall photos.  Morden is a gorgeous location to prepare for fall photos.  There are so many farms and nearby fields just begging to be my backdrop!  This week I was able to head out with my helpful models (they were truly spectacular subjects to photograph!) and snap a few shots for my own wall.  This series of photos was shot on two separate occasions and then one set was edited for a darker, more rich feel and the other set is more light and airy.  If you’re interested in fall family photos I do recommend booking sooner rather than later as spots tend to fill up quickly at this time of the year.  Drop me a line at for more information!


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