Project 365 | Week 29

This week we made the trek back to our hometown and visited our new yard.  Not too fancy, but you gotta love a yard that comes complete with mature trees!  So far we have a basement…photos to come…

Then we took some time to visit dear friends in Steinbach, Manitoba.  I love that we know people from all walks of life.  My kids would have moved in with these friends – in a heartbeat – if given the choice.  They just loved every minute they spent exploring the farm.

After the farm, we hopped back in the car and drove to Longbow Lake in Ontario to visit the cousins.  We had the most wonderful weekend playing, swimming (in the frigid water!) and snuggling baby K!

When we returned to Manitoba, Papa was quick to put the Big One to work.  They demolished the old deck and started working on replacing the wood boards with composite.  The Big One was a fabulous carpenters’ apprentice!

Sadly the deck building was rained out, as was the Corn & Apple Festival in Morden.  We managed to time our days just right so we could hit up the midway for a bit of corn and a few rides, though.  All in all, another great summer week.  Only one to go before kiddies are back to school. 😦  Thank goodness we’re winding up this summer break in style…heading to Grand Forks, North Dakota next week!


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