Project 365 | Week 30

The Manitoba prairies don’t get much credit.  Flat, boring, uninspiring are words that people use too often to describe the middle of Canada.  But our landscape can be so beautiful.

This week our family spent another afternoon enjoying the midway at Morden’s annual Corn & Apple Festival.  Thanks to my personal photographer for snapping a shot of me and the Little One on the only ride they could convince me to try!

We also travelled to Cartwright, Manitoba so my little sister could visit some more of our family during her week’s vacation away from the sunny skies of Vancouver.  While in the village of Cartwright, the Big One learned to play a mean game of snooker on the Corner Pocket’s gorgeous antique pool table.  Auntie Lynn, who is absolutely adored by the Little One, kindly allowed me to snap a few photos.

As Auntie Lynn’s visit drew to a close, Nan & Pop delivered her to the airport for the next leg of her cross Canada tour (Toronto!) and our immediate family packed up and headed south for our BIG family summer vacation to Grand Forks, North Dakota.  We mostly played in the hotel water park, but we did manage to tour old Grand Forks and the University area a bit.

And now, with summer again drawing to a close, I’m taking the time to enjoy our prairie skies.  Not dull at all.  There’s something about these little fluffy clouds that draws me in time and again.



2 thoughts on “Project 365 | Week 30

  1. Auntie here–Your family has had a summer full of adventure–C and C will have lots to tell their friends about!!
    Continue to be a wonderful project Leigh

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