Project 365 | Week 30

The Manitoba prairies don't get much credit.  Flat, boring, uninspiring are words that people use too often to describe the middle of Canada.  But our landscape can be so beautiful. This week our family spent another afternoon enjoying the midway at Morden's annual Corn & Apple Festival.  Thanks to my personal photographer for snapping a [...]


Project 365 | Week 28

CRITTERS! This week while exploring, we got to experience some pretty awesome nature!  The Big One was invited on an impromptu field trip to the booming metropolis of Winkler, so the Little One and I decided to hop on our bikes and head for one of our favourite Morden haunts...the library.  After choosing some new [...]

Project 365 | Week 27

SO much fun stuff happened this week - so much that this post is jam-packed with photos!  First up, the kids made a rocket ship fuelled by bubble juice and blasted off.  I love when they use their imaginations! The Big One found a bird's nest sitting on the ground next to the sidewalk when [...]

Project 365 | Week 21

Lucky me!  This week began with the sweetest little handsome guy I've met in a long time.  The photo I chose to share here today does nothing to showcase the smiliness he brought with him to the session, so I'll post more of little J later on this week. With the end of the school [...]

Project 365 | Week 19

So, a few weeks back I shared that we had put our house up for sale, and then that it had sold.  I also shared that we bought some land that we're anxious to start digging into.  Well, the next step is to pack up our entire house and put it into storage.  Part of [...]

Project 365 | Week 18

Well, Mother's Day happened.  Every year Mother's Day rolls around and something happens to put a damper on the day...but not this year.  This year the entire day was perfection, from the sweet, thoughtful gifts the two rugrats made for me to the afternoon spent rollerblading in our local arena.  Then, I let someone else [...]

Project 365 | Week 3

19 days and counting.  This is week 3 of my 365 project and I feel very proud that I haven't missed a single day so far.  (Although to be honest I have been close a couple of times!)  So far 19 days, 19 shots.  This week was....busy.  But that's not different from any other week around [...]

Project 365 | Week 2

I shoot up in bed, right side of my face coated in a thin film of sticky drool and fumble my half-numb arm in the direction of the screeching sound that has awakened me.  "Hullo?" ... "Hello.  This is the Interlake School Division...."  I listen for about twenty seconds and hang up.  School's cancelled due [...]

Project 365 | Week 1

Ok, I lied.  I cannot begin 2014 before I finish 2013, so here goes: I was sitting in the darkness snuggled beneath one of my many cozy throw blankets with my laptop casting a dull glow around the room when suddenly I jumped at the sound of the phone ringing.  My heart beat quickly as [...]

10.02.13 Theoret

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Theoret family who traveled in to St. Vital Park from Niverville.  Now anyone who knows me knows that I'm a sucker for kids...and these kids were absolutely adorable!  Great personalities, easy going, funny and ready to get to work (a dream come true!)  Even the [...]