Project 365 | Week 29

This week we made the trek back to our hometown and visited our new yard.  Not too fancy, but you gotta love a yard that comes complete with mature trees!  So far we have a to come... Then we took some time to visit dear friends in Steinbach, Manitoba.  I love that we know [...]


Project 365 | Week 26

Wow!  I can't believe I've made it to the half-way point with my little project!  Granted, the format has evolved from the beginning (because I really cannot commit to taking one photograph every day & when I do take photos, I very rarely take just one) but I'm so happy with the outcome.  I love [...]

Project 365 | Week 25

This week our family made the four hour trek east to lovely Blue Lake, Ontario.  My husband's family has been going annually for about sixteen years now and it never disappoints.  As you can see, the water is incredible (and might I add, incredibly cold)!  I could write a whole blog post on Blue Lake... [...]

Project 365 | Week 24

Before I get started and forget to explain, I want to tell you what is happening in this first photo.  I'm curious how many people have had the pleasure of spraying a liquid substance from their nose.  I had never even witnessed the phenomenon until dinner one evening last week, when the Big One started [...]

Project 365 | Week 23

Finally!  We're moved out!  We've said our final goodbyes and travelled on to bluer skies.  (Read more about the move below...) This week we took one last opportunity to say good-bye to a house that has been a central character in our family memories for over 25 years.  For example, the painting you see in [...]

Project 365 | Week 22

So last week I was talking about how busy the last couple of weeks are (with school winding up and packing all of our belonging because we sold our house) and this week the busy-ness is in full swing. The Big One performed in his school's spring concert, and in honour of the soiree I [...]

Project 365 | Week 21

Lucky me!  This week began with the sweetest little handsome guy I've met in a long time.  The photo I chose to share here today does nothing to showcase the smiliness he brought with him to the session, so I'll post more of little J later on this week. With the end of the school [...]

Project 365 | Week 20

The signs of spring have finally arrived: birds' eggs, flowers buds, and children playing outside.  After one of the coldest winters on record everyone here is more than ready to take advantage of the change in temperature.  Will we get the summer we have earned?  I hope so! The Little One amazed us this week, [...]

Project 365 | Week 19

So, a few weeks back I shared that we had put our house up for sale, and then that it had sold.  I also shared that we bought some land that we're anxious to start digging into.  Well, the next step is to pack up our entire house and put it into storage.  Part of [...]

Project 365 | Week 18

Well, Mother's Day happened.  Every year Mother's Day rolls around and something happens to put a damper on the day...but not this year.  This year the entire day was perfection, from the sweet, thoughtful gifts the two rugrats made for me to the afternoon spent rollerblading in our local arena.  Then, I let someone else [...]