Project 365 | Week 17

Spring is finally on its' way, just look at that rich, warm, gorgeous sunset.  This week marked a 9th birthday for the Big one.  His birthday dream?  To eat his first Big Mac.  Yes, he waited 9 years to attack that epic burger...and try as he did, the burger conquered him. 🙂 In other news, [...]


Project 365 | Week 16

Home from Hawaii and thankfully much of our snow has melted.  Don't get me wrong.  It's going to be a long time before we experience temperatures anywhere close to the summery paradise of Honolulu, but in Manitoba anything above freezing is a win at this time of the year. Easter is quickly approaching!  That means [...]

Project 365 | Week 15

Three weeks into our Hawaiian adventure, and sadly this is our last week on the beautiful island of Oahu and it has been such a fascinating vacation.  We even learned about hurricanes and tsunamis as there were storm warnings while we were in Hawaii.  Interestingly, the day Chile experienced their magnitude 8.2 earthquake (April 1), [...]

Project 365 | Week 14

    Hawaii week 2 was just as incredible as week 1.  Warm weather, beautiful land and seascapes.  I will shamefully shamelessly admit that I tried to convince my dh to check into the job prospects in Honolulu....but then we looked into the housing market and decided we'd leave Hawaii our vacation destination. This week [...]

Project 365 | Week 13

Welcome to Hawaii! Oh my goodness!  Why did I wait so long to visit this gorgeous island?  I mean how incredible is it to leave a snowy-winterland and arrive a day later in a tropical paradise?  It blew my mind that we exited the plane, walked down a few steps and outside into summery warmth.  [...]

Project 365 | Week 12

The week of March 16 - 22 was a busy one! We have always dreamed of building a house.  So far, we had invested a lot of time into the various planning stages:  sifting through house plans, looking at various lots, weighing the pros and cons of living in town over in the country.  This [...]

Project 365 | Week 11

These beautiful eggs were hand-delivered right to our home by our {in}famous Uncle Garnie (UG) who joined us this weekend for "Paint Fest 2014".  Thanks to UG we painted a bathroom, bedroom and our backdoor/stairwell area in record time!  I love freshening things up for spring! ......................... So, a couple of weeks back I was [...]

Project 365 | Week 10

Because I have a few heavy deadlines this week AND because my camera battery is dead and charging, Project 365 | Week 10 will be published Wednesday morning, instead of Monday.  If you've been excitedly awaiting this instalment, I am both sorry to keep you waiting and happy that you look forward catching up week [...]

Project 365 | Week 9

Balance. I haven't found it, but I'd like to.  This week I was told my time management skills are in need of some polishing.  I don't disagree.  I am aware that I work toeing the deadline - fine, I procrasinate - and it doesn't make life easy.  I've realized that I'd like a little more [...]

Project 365 | Week 8

This week marked an important milestone in the Little One's life.  She finally lost her first tooth!  Unfortunately for her, the only proof she had was the gaping hole in her mouth.  She swallowed her tooth along with the mouthful of granola bar she had been chewing at the time!  Fortunately, the Tooth Fairy accepted [...]