leigh who?

Hi!  I’m Leigh!profile

I’m a Manitoba girl at heart.  I love the prairie landscape: the trees, the lakes, the fields, the gentle, rolling hills and the sky of endless clouds.  I truly enjoy our chilly winters.  I love to get outside and shovel (yes, really) and go sliding.  I find it inspiring to live in a climate that goes to such extremes.

I am a natural light photographer.  I go where the shoot takes me – here or at your place, in the forest or at the beach, as long as I can follow the light.  My love of photography continues to grow the more I learn and experience behind the lens.

I like to have a plan, so tell me your vision – location, wardrobe, atmosphere.  I like to be prepared.  When going on location I like to scout it out beforehand, so when your day comes I’m ready.  Even though I come with a plan, plans change so whatever follows is just a bonus.

I’ve lived my life surrounded by children and still am!  I have spent years as a figure skating coach teaching all ages of children, in a group format and one on one, which is a great advantage when trying to photograph kids.  I am at ease around children and develop a rapport easily and naturally which helps my sessions flow.  My skating background also helps me be aware of complimentary body positions, so no awkward poses here.DSC_0028 editb

(Also, I like music.  I love baking.  I can knit.  And the perfect ending to a long day is to sit down with a good book and a steaming cup of tea.)

If you’ve kept up with me this far, head on over to my Client Information page to read more about how a session with me is structured or send me an email.  I can’t wait to meet you!


your thoughts?

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