Project 365 | Week 23

Finally!  We’re moved out!  We’ve said our final goodbyes and travelled on to bluer skies.  (Read more about the move below…)

Winnipeg Landscape Photographer

This week we took one last opportunity to say good-bye to a house that has been a central character in our family memories for over 25 years.  For example, the painting you see in the photos below was created last summer by the Little One (she was 5 years old).  I took a number of photographs of the “flowers” she painted on her bedroom walls so we can print them and hang them in her new room as a kind of “something old” to help ease the transition.  Next up is a shot of our last night as a family in the house, followed by a shot of the last few items to pack up the next day.  The final two photos in this series were taken just before we drove away.  It seems silly to feel such a sense of loss for this house when we’re only moving a few streets away, but when a house has been part of your story for so long it’s not just a house.

Now that all the hard work is done and the tears have dried, we’re finally free to enjoy the perks of moving to a town with a spray park, a fabulous farmers’ market…

…and a breathtaking, prairie sunset!

Winnipeg Landscape Photographer


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