Project 365 | Week 6

Winnipeg Nature Photographer



So, it’s still cold.  🙂  Not that I’m surprised, but this year Mother Nature keeps messing with our minds.  Friday the weather was a balmy -15 degrees Celcius and you could feel the sun’s heat on your face, but this morning the temperature dipped again to -31 (feeling like -43) when we were heading to the airport.  Brrrrrrr!





There is really a lot of everything going on right now!  The kids’ activities are all amping up before they finish within the next month.  We’ve had lots of homework for the kids and for me, and Chad is away travelling…we’re just managing to stay afloat these days.  The kids had no school on Thursday and Friday and thoroughly enjoyed being at home and just taking some time to breathe.  At 8 and 6 years old, I love to sit back and watch them enjoy each others company.  Don’t get me wrong, they fight…but so far their friendship outweighs the discord that sometimes exists between them.  And I’m trying to keep aware of the changes that happen to them and around them, because when I blink I find things have changed.  With these two at school full time I see them changing every day, some for the better, some…not for the better but it’s all part of growing up.

The Weekly Highlight:

Today our Stonewall Blues Novice boys played for the gold in Stony Mountain’s Novice Tournament.  And WHAT a game it was!  One of the other moms called it a nail biter I completely agree.  The two teams were perfectly matched – it could easily have been won by either side.  In the end, our boys played hard and scored the winning goal in overtime.  I was so proud of each and every player on the ice, as both teams displayed great sportsmanship and heart.

Winnipeg Children's Photographer


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